Background Leadership Academy – “building our next generation of leaders”

Background Leadership Academy is a men’s discipleship program that teaches the Biblical definition of manhood and recovers authentic masculinity through hands-on, real-life discipleship methods.

Today’s postmodern culture teaches us that truth is individually determined, not absolute.  This often produces men who have succumbed to the lie that all that truly matters in life is what they want, what they see, what they want to pursue, and what they want to use to get there. This is not God’s design. Our program teaches what the Bible says about being a man and gives men hands-on ways to grow in their understanding of manhood while learning how to become an effective leader in every sphere of influence.

Academy Students

Our discipleship program teaches Academy students through a comprehensive discipleship experience, manifesting itself in two different but complimentary ways:

  •  The on-site Academy corresponds to a standard academic year where students live on site with instructors in an intensive day by day, life on life discipleship experience (think of a hands on real world “seminary” for the everyday man who may not have the direction or the ability to attend college).
  • The Academy in the community happens everywhere life happens, in local homes, churches, schools, and workplaces.  This aspect of the Academy runs continuously, with students in the community attending the Academy grounds for certain events and intensives when appropriate, or possibly eventually moves there for the full year long Academy experience.

While at BLA, students will go through a Bible-based curriculum that teaches what the Bible says about manhood, as well as apologetics and worldviews, theology, and a proper understanding of the value and impact of leadership for the kingdom.

Our program is open to any man — married or single — who desires to reclaim authentic manhood and become the man of purpose and influence he knows Christ desires him to be.

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Men’s Ministry in Southwest Missouri

Our ministry is located in the Springfield, Missouri area and is designed to pull men away from the culture, eliminate distractions and teach the true meaning of manhood.

Our program is designed for a hands-on discipleship experience. Contact us to learn more about attending The Academy or details.

Our leaders are also available for retreats, conferences and other men’s ministry events. If you’d like one of our leaders to speak at your events or train your team, please contact us.